• A wide shot of a large hall, students spread around the room all in different positions doing different tasks, room brightly lit sun through large windows. Black&white
  • Sarah-Vyne explaining a task to a group of students standing in front of her. Hold a piece of paper up to show them, a dozen pieces of paper spread on the floor in front of them. Black&white
  • Murmur artists sitting in a row on chairs, alongside Sue Healey, mid discussion, students sitting on the floor in front of them listening intently
  • Murmur artists deomnstrating a rolling task in front of a large group of students standing and watching intently. Black and white
  • Murmur Artist Karen sitting with 3 students, deep in coversation, and piece of paper in front of them that says 'confusion'. Black and white
  • Dan Daw participating in the rolling task with students, laying on the ground, mid roll, black and white
  • Large group of students, sitting on the floor watching Days Like These sharing, Mel doing a head stand on Matt's wheelchair while he sits in front. Black&white



Friday 4 March, 2016 | 9:30am – 3:00pm

Who: Stage 6 Students studying Dance and/or Drama. Open to students with and with out disability.

What: A day of enhancing student’s knowledge and understanding of the Preliminary and HSC Dance and Drama Outcomes by working with professional artists from Murmuration.

Led by Murmur Artists and facilitated by renown Australian choreographer and film maker Sue Healey, the day will focus on the three core components from both courses;

Performance/Performing – Students participate in a performance class with the artists.

Composition/Making – The artists will lead workshop tasks designed to inspire the students with various ways to generate movement and material for performance.

Appreciation/Critically Studying – Students observe a sharing of Murmuration’s latest work in progress Days Like These, followed by a question and answer session.

Murmuration can also facilitate dance and drama workshops for students and teachers within your own school.

Head over to our Murmur Made page for more details by clicking here.


Image credit: Education day 2016, photos by Gisella Vollmer.