• Close up of Dan Daw's face against a black background. He's looking straight towards the camera, no expression. Black & white.
  • Dan Daw, image link to staff profile.
  • Dan in performance, blonde female in the foreground, can only see their heads. Serious looks on both faces.
  • Male dancers legs, jumping, in front of black box, grey fabric background, an electric guitar and record propped over to one side.
  • Graham Adey in rehersal with Dan Daw. Sitting casually in the studio, choreographers notes in hand, closely observing Dan’s movement.
  • Bowerbirds-sharing.-Daniel-Dan-trying-to-get-to-an-open-suitcase-sense-of-motion-surrounded-by-scraps-of-blue-fabric
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  • Dan-Daws-face-looking-thoughtful-seen-through-the-out-of-focus-gap-between-someones-arm-and-their-body.-Black-white

Associate Director

Working as Associate Director, in partnership with Sarah-Vyne Vassallo, to commission, develop and produce new work and co-manages support and reflection for the company’s independent artists with disability, Dan plays an integral role in the development and delivery of Murmuration’s artistic programs and community activities.

As Artistic Director of Dan Daw Creative Projects, Dan continues to work at the forefront of dance and disability in the UK, having commissioned two solo works – ‘Beast’ by Martin Forsberg and ‘On One Condition’ by Graham Adey. BEAST, a Trinity Laban/Greenwich Dance Compass Commission, previewed at the Swedish Performing Arts Biennale in May 2015, premiered at Greenwich Dance in November 2015 and was recently presented at Sydney Festival 2018.

‘On One Condition’, a co-commission with Murmuration, premiered at Skanes Dansteater in September 2015, before being presented at Sadler’s Wells, SoHo Playhouse and touring to Edinburgh and Adelaide Fringe Festivals 2017, where it received the Adelaide Fringe Best Theatre Award.

Completing a Bachelor of Creative Arts at the Flinders University Drama Centre in 2004 and joining Restless Dance Theatre in 2002, Dan has gone on to work with Australian Dance Theatre (AUS), Force Majeure (AUS), FRONTLINEdance (UK), Scottish Dance Theatre (UK), balletLORENT (UK), Candoco Dance Company (UK) and Skånes Dansteater (SWE).

Throughout his performance career, Dan has worked with Kat Worth, Garry Stewart, Kate Champion, Janet Smith, Adam Benjamin, Wendy Houstoun, Sarah Michelson, Rachid Ouramdane, Nigel Charnock, Matthias Sperling, Marc Brew, Claire Cunningham, Martin Forsberg, Carl Olof Berg and Javier de Frutos.

A Candoco Associate Artist and currently a student at the Sadlers Wells Summer University (2015 – 2018), Dan continues to work at the forefront of collaborative performance making in the UK. Dan is a recipient of the BBC/South East Dance Performing Arts Fund Fellowship, the Outlet Dance Award and the Russell Page Fellowship in Contemporary Dance amongst others. He has been a part of Dance UK’s Mentor Bursary and the National Theatre Step Change programme, furthermore evidencing his ambitions as disabled artist to impact and lead the conversation on dance and disability.

Dan is Dramaturg for Murmuration’s current touring production ‘Days Like These’ and performing artist in Murmurations upcoming film, ‘Bowerbirds’.

Click here to read more about Dan Daw Creative Projects.

Image credits: 1. ‘Beast’, photo by Graham Adey, 2. ‘On One Condition’, photo by Hazuki Kojima, 3 & 4. ‘Looking Back’ by Rachid Ouramdane, Candoco Dance Company, 2011, photo by Hugo Glendinning, 5 & 8. ‘On One Condition’, photos by Rasmus Vasli, 6. ‘Bowerbirds’, photo by Hayley Rose Photography, 7. ‘The Flock’, photo by Hayley Rose Photography.