• 4-Murmuration-artists-all-dressed-in-an-eccentric-mixture-of-clothes-attempting-to-stake-a-selfie-with-a-selfie-stick-infront-of-a-media-wall-with-the-dont-dis-my-ability-logo
  • 4-Murmuration-artists-all-dressed-in-an-eccentric-mixture-of-clothes-on-stage-at-the-No-Offence-But-show.-Standing-side-by-side-looking-disgusted
  • Murmuration-artist-Chris-Bunton-all-dressed-in-an-eccentric-mixture-of-sporty-clothes-on-stage-at-the-No-Offence-But-show.-Smiling-and-flexing-his-biceps

Darling Quarter Theatre

Monday 30 November, 3.00pm and 7.00pm

Disability is no laughing matter, but our etiquette fails are! If you spend more time with your foot in your mouth than on the ground, you can’t miss the ‘No Offence, BUT’ comedy cabaret show.

‘No offence, BUT…’ is the favourite phrase of people who should know better. What they means is ‘I’m about to insult you, but don’t get mad’!

The stellar line up includes Todd McKenney, Tommy Dean, Alex Jones, Madeleine Stewart, Andy Dexterity, Tracy Barrell, Murmuration and Liesel Badorrek.

Murmur Artists guaranteed to crack you up include Mel Tyquin, Chris Bunton, Matt Shilcock, Ana Welsh and directed by our ever so funny Director Sarah-Vyne Vassallo.

No Offence, But Comedy Cabaret a feature event of the 2015 Don’t DIS my ABILITY campaign presented by Department of Family and Community Services,


Image credit: Photos by Sharon Hickey.