• Murmuration-Artist-Christ-Bunton-standing-on-stage,-bent-over,-hands-in-front-of-his-crotch-as-if-he's-just-wet-his-pants,-a-shocked-and-embarrassed-expression-on-his-face-
  • 4-Murmuration-artists-all-dressed-in-an-eccentric-mixture-of-clothes-on-stage-at-the-No-Offence-But-show.-Standing-side-by-side-looking-disgusted
  • Murmuration Artists on stage, wearing mismatched outfits. All pretending-to-have-just-laughed-so-hard-they-peed-their-pants, laughing, looking shocked and inspecting their crotches
  • Murmuration-artist-Chris-Bunton-all-dressed-in-an-eccentric-mixture-of-sporty-clothes-on-stage-at-the-No-Offence-But-show.-Smiling-and-flexing-his-biceps

Sydney Comedy Festival


Presented by Sydney Comedy Festival, hosting some of Australia’s largest dinosaurs, a red hot Edinburgh Fringe favourite and a multi-award-winning Korean clowning and beatbox ensemble, Artistic Director Olivia Ansell will offer 6 action packed days of fun and silliness, with performances by Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo™, Trash Test Dummies, Ongals, Phly Crew and Crazy Cartoonist Brett Bower.

Set over three stages, COMEDY FOR KIDS! will include uproarious storytelling with Sydney Story factory, break out stations sponsored by the Australian Museum, Theatresports, Crazy Cartoonist illustration workshops by Brett Bower and street dance classes by hip hop legends, Phly Crew.

Comedic sketch comedy piece “Have you ever?” by Murmuration Integrated Performance Company will evoke empathy and laughter for the audience who will put themselves in the performer’s shoes.

“Have you Ever?” conveys the simple story of how humans respond to the daily interactions with other humans and objects. Magnifying these experiences through physical gestures, the audience will be able to laugh at, and with the performers as they put themselves in their shoes. Following the performance the artists will interact with the audience through an interactive workshop drawn from the humorous content of the sketch.

Written and Directed by Sarah-Vyne Vassallo.
Performing Artists, Chris Bunton,  Brianna Kell, Matt Shilcock and Ana Welsh.

Performances daily at Sydney Town Hall, Friday 22, Saturday 23 and Sunday 24.
The Comedy for Kids event has now SOLD OUT.

Image credit: Photos by Sharon Hickey.