• Murmuration-Artist-Christ-Bunton-standing-on-stage,-bent-over,-hands-in-front-of-his-crotch-as-if-he's-just-wet-his-pants,-a-shocked-and-embarrassed-expression-on-his-face-
  • 4-Murmuration-artists-all-dressed-in-an-eccentric-mixture-of-clothes-on-stage-at-the-No-Offence-But-show.-Standing-side-by-side-looking-disgusted
  • Murmuration Artists on stage, wearing mismatched outfits. All pretending-to-have-just-laughed-so-hard-they-peed-their-pants, laughing, looking shocked and inspecting their crotches
  • Murmuration-artist-Chris-Bunton-all-dressed-in-an-eccentric-mixture-of-sporty-clothes-on-stage-at-the-No-Offence-But-show.-Smiling-and-flexing-his-biceps

Winter Magic Festival

The 23rd Blue Mountains Winter Magic Festival will be held Saturday 18th June 2016
in Katoomba, Blue Mountains, NSW, Australia. Winter Magic is the Blue Mountain’s highest profile and most anticipated annual event.

The Winter Magic Festival is a free, annual community event, celebrated around the Winter solstice in Katoomba in the Blue Mountains of New South Wales, Australia. The Blue Mountains is the NSW inaugural City of the Arts and Katoomba is the heart of that city. It is the weekend when artists, musicians, dancers, drummers, choirs, stalls and community take over one of Australia’s most famous towns.

Unlike many Festivals run by Chambers of Commerce and Councils, this event is run by community volunteers. It has a strong local focus and very wide general appeal. The setting is a town sitting on a narrow ridge and bound north and south by a World Heritage listed National Park.
The festival itself is free, however some activities may charge a fee.

“Have you Ever?” conveys the simple story of how humans respond to the daily interactions with other humans and objects. Magnifying these experiences through physical gestures, the audience will be able to laugh at, and with the performers as they put themselves in their shoes. Following the performance the artists will interact with the audience through an interactive workshop drawn from the humorous content of the sketch.

Written and Directed by Sarah-Vyne Vassallo.
Performing Artists, Chris Bunton, Matt Shilcock, Melinda Tyquin and Ana Welsh.

Murmuration will be performing at 2pm.

Image credit: Photos by Sharon Hickey.