• Mid shot of a young women in profile gazing into a hanging lantern, the room is black around her and her face is lit by the orange glow of the lantern.
  • Performer in Blue Dress. image is from waist up holding a tea cup whilst looking at the back of her hand. (image in colour)
  • Performer using a wheel chair and performer standing on angle. lighting cast dark shadows across them both. looking to the left. ( image in clolour)
  • 4 performers in wide shot. Man infront of 3 women all facing forward. man using a cane pointing up. (image in Black and White)
  • Performer in full body shot. wearing grey dress holding a bag that is falling open (image in colour)
  • Mid shot of performer in profile holding a metal bucket in both hands close to her chest looking into it (image in black and white)

Tour Ready

There are the best of days…
There are the worst of days…
And then there are Days Like These…

‘Days Like These’ invites you to revisit and reflect on the best and worst days of your life.  Drawing on the idea that our universal differences make us also the same, a creative team of very different people bravely peel back their layers and share their stories of joy, loss, frustration and change.

The show examines emotional thresholds and attempts to hold a mirror up for all to ask of yourself…
What kind of day is today?


Days Like These, explores the varied ways we, as humans, express our emotions. The work both expands and compresses the universal nature of difference by taking everyday human experiences and placing them in a theatrical context. Stylistically, the work reflects the nonsensicality of Louis Carroll and Caryl Churchill. The work is made up 4 artists in 13 fractured scenes that are presented as a smorgasbord of short emotive stories. The stage is painted with images and infra-red bodies, and the score is haunting and infectious. The overall filmic design of the show makes it both bite-size and full length.

Director | Sarah-Vyne Vassallo
Associate Director | Dan Daw
Composer | Ekrem Eli Phoenix
Digital Media Design | Imogen Cranna
Production Design | Sarah-Vyne Vassallo
Costume Design | Danielle Hollows

Melinda Tyquin, Matt Shilcock,
Jianna Georgiou and Brianna Kell


Company Manager | Jordan Vassallo
Production Manager | Kiri Pedersen
Communications Coordinator | Kristina Tito

To read more about the creative team click here.

DAYS LIKE THESE is tour ready and available for engagement in 2018 and beyond. For more information please contact our Company Manager Jordan Vassallo at jordan@murmuration.com.au


The Tin Shed Theatre, Premiere Season July 2017,  The Arts Centre Cootamundra
Australian Dance Awards September 2017, Guest Excerpt, The Art House, Melbourne
The Joan Main Season August 2018, The Joan Performing Arts Centre