• Graham Adey in rehersal with Dan Daw. Sitting casually in the studio, choreographers notes in hand, closely observing Dan’s movement.
  • Dan in performance. He is standing, head tilted back, appears to be screaming, right arm out in front, sticking his middle finger up. Black & white.
  • Dan standing casually in the corner of a white room, lots of black and white images neatly arranged on one wall. His eyes looking towards the photos.
  • Dan performing. Head tilted back, eyes closed, arms stretch right out to the sides, fingers splayed. T-shirt says
  • Dan in the rehearsal studio. Standing, head tilted back, eyes closed, arms down, one hand in front of his crotch. Black and white image.
  • Dan in the rehearsal studio, choreographers back in the foreground. Dan balancing on one leg, other knee up near his chest, foot in opposite hand.
  • Dan and Graham in the studio rehearsing. Dan standing in the distance, wearing only underwear. Graham sitting, observing.

Second Stage Development

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13 July – 7 August 2015

Graham Adey and Dan Daw started working together at Skånes Dansteater during the company’s spring season in 2014. As an emerging choreographer Graham is interested in looking at social structures, what is considered as normal behaviour and how that is reflected through different cultures. He is interested in curating stories from Dan’s lived experiences that reflect people’s attitudes towards him on first meetings, from his adolescence to the present day. ‘On One Condition’ is essentially based around anecdotes of Dan growing up in rural Australia. Graham is very excited to create the work in the very place where these stories originate, so visiting Australia is a very important part of the creative process.

‘On One Condition’ is a co-production between Dan Daw Creative Projects and Murmuration.

Creative Team

Writer and Performer  Dan Daw
Choreographer  Graham Adey
Assistant Choreographer  Hazuki Kojima
Outside Eye  Sarah-Vyne Vassallo


Image credits: 1, 5 & 7. Photos by Rasmus Vasli, 2 & 8. Photos by Hazuki Kojima, 3, 4 & 6. Photos by Nelson Rodriguez-Smith.