Research + Development

13 – 28 April 2015

Photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher’s images of the microscopic structures of dried human tears has been the starting point for the research and development stage of this new work. Our investigations have been exploring the familiar subject of tears and the varied ways in which we express our emotions. The artists have collaborated through their shared experiences of joy, grief and frustration and have explored movement and theatre task and responses related to both the seen and unseen intricacies within our bodies.

Sarah-Vyne’s interest’s as a director is to unpack everyday personal experiences and to find innovative ways of communicating these social norms within a theatrical context.

Creative Team

Director Sarah-Vyne Vassallo
Artist / Collaborator  Melinda Tyquin
Artist / Collaborator Matthew Shilcock
Secondee Jianna Georgiou
Rehearsal Assistant Chanel Leaudais


Image credit: ‘Days Like These’ sharing, photo by Gisella Vollmer.