• Murmuration-artists-spread-across-the-stage,-some-seated,-some-standing.-Dim-lighting,-an-image-that-appears-to-be-an-ocean-projected-onto-the-back-wall
  • Murmuration-artist-Brianna-stretched-out-accross-the-floor,-back-to-the-audience,-one-arm-propped-up-on-a-large-silver-tub-that-she-was-pushing-across-the-stage
  • Murmuration-artists-Matt-and-Jianna-standing-next-to-each-other,-faces-screwed-up,-looking-extremely-frustrated,-arms-tense,-fists-clenched.-Black-and-white
  • Murmuration-artist-Brianna-laying-on-the-ground,-white-dress-draped-over-her,-holding-an-antique-tea-cup-out-in-front-of-her,-eyes-focused-on-the-tea-cup
  • Murmuration-Artists-in-a-cluster,-all-on-different-levels,-Karen-reaching-out-with-her-crutch.Black-and-white
  • Murmuration-artists-all-in-a-line,-dressed-in-black,-all-looking-out-towards-the-audience,-different-facial-expressions-and-gestures-showing-frustration
  • Murmuration-Artist-Matt,-standing-facing-the-audience,-eyes-squinted,-Melinda-washing-his-face-with-a-wet-rag,-water-dripping-down-his-face-and-chest.-Back-&-white
  • Murmuration-artists-all-seats,-lined-up-accross-the-stage,-stage-littered-with-confetti-behind-them,-audience-in-the-foreground

First Stage Development

8 February – 11 March

‘Days Like These’ is a multi artform work exploring the familiar subject of tears and the varied ways we, as humans, express our emotions. Photographer Rose-Lynn Fisher’s images of the microscopic structures of dried human tears has been the starting point for the research and development.

In the first stage development, the artists will collaborate through their shared experiences of grief, change, irritation and laughter. The movement and theatre investigations relate to both the seen and unseen intricacies in our physical and mental states. We will work closely with a digital media artist, sound composer and scenic artist to develop an immersive, virtual and sensory experience.

Fisher describes, “each one of our tears carries a microcosm of the collective human experience. The emotion causing us to cry – laughter, anger or grief – when dried and put under a microscope includes different and distinct molecules. The image of the tear in this way provides an interesting blueprint of the human psyche.

Sarah-Vyne the Director shares, “living with a disability is different from one person to the next and our lived lives are different from one person to the next. We want the work to expand and compress this universal nature of difference and ask the question, does the fact that we are all different, not also make us the same?”


Artistic Director  Sarah-Vyne Vassallo
Artistic Associate  Dan Daw
Performing Artist  Melinda Tyquin
Performing Artist  Brianna Kell
Performing Artist  Matthew Shilcock
Performing Artist  Jianna Georgiou
Composer  Ekrem Mülayim
Digital Media Artist  Imogen Cranna
Scenic Artist  Stephen Metcalf
Secondee  Chris Dyke
Secondee  Karen Veldhuizen

Click here to join our public events of the work in progress.

 Stromberg, J.  “The Microscopic Structures of Dried Human Tears.” Smithsonian (2013). Accessed on: 16 January 2015. URL

Image credits: ‘Days Like These’ sharing, photos by Gisella Vollmer.