• Colour image of Bowerbirds sharing with Daniel sitting on the ground with his legs outstretched and his back turned to the front. There is a corrugated wall in front of him.
  • Black and white image of Bowerbirds sharing with Dan on his hands knees on the ground Daniel standing over him gripping Dans chin with his hand sense of motion.
  • Colour image of Bowerbirds sharing in long shot with Daniel sitting in the foreground right hand corner and Dan sitting on the left. They have their backs turn to each other.

Film Production

A familiar tale to many . . . Bowerbirds is a story about the unspoken, unexpected and unseen inside a relationship.

Depicting four stages of an intimate relationship, the tale plays out over four distinct chapters revealing two perspectives cohabiting the same nest. Bowerbirds is an avant-garde short film that portrays the habitat, rituals, and mannerisms of the male bowerbird species and how these behaviours translate into human form.

Creator  | Sarah-Vyne Vassallo
Creator | Jonathan Vassallo
Performer  | Dan Daw
Performer | Daniel Monks

Currently in concept and script writing development 2018-2019. 

Bowerbirds Stage One Development occurred in 2015.

Bowerbirds has been assisted by the Australian Government through the Australia Council, its arts funding and advisory body and by the NSW Government through Create NSW and in partnership with The Arts Centre Cootamundra.

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Image credits: ‘Bowerbirds’ studio sharing 2016.  Photos by Hayley Rose Photography.