• Bowerbirds-sharing.-Daniel-walks-accross-the-space-hand-covering-face-Dan-follows-closely-behind-immitating-him
  • Bowerbirds-sharing.-Daniel-Dan-wrestling-Daniels-foot-on-Dans-face-sense-of-motion-surrounded-by-scraps-of-blue-fabric-and-an-open-suitcase
  • Bowerbirds-sharing.-Dan-sitting-on-the-ground-looking-up-at-Daniel-standing-over-him-sense-of-motion.-Their-shadow-seen-on-the-white-brick-wall-behind.-Black-white
  • Bowerbirds-sharing.-Dan-on-his-hands-knees-on-the-ground-Daniel-standing-over-him-gripping-Dans-chin-with-his-hand-sense-of-motion.-jpg
  • Bowerbirds-sharing.-Daniel-Dan-trying-next-to-an-open-suitcase-sense-of-motion-surrounded-by-scraps-of-blue-fabric-Dan-appears-to-be-throwing-one
  • Bowerbirds-sharing.-Dan-embracing-Daniel-from-behind-arms-around-him-head-resting-on-his-shoulder-Dan-looks-happy.-Black-and-white
  • Bowerbirds-sharing.-Dan-on-his-hands-knees-on-the-ground-Daniel-standing-over-him-gripping-Dans-next-with-his-hand-angry-and-upset
  • Bowerbirds-sharing.-Daniel-Dan-trying-to-get-to-an-open-suitcase-sense-of-motion-surrounded-by-scraps-of-blue-fabric

Stage One Development

1 – 30 June 2015

The male bower bird, known for their courtship behaviour, build and decorate a structure as a way of alluring the perfect mate. When we take these behaviours and place them within human contexts, interesting choreographic structures emerge.

Through further investigations of the Bowers rituals, several poignant questions have arisen. How much do we need to change ourselves in order to be loved? What does it take to impress, dress, and buy ones affection? Do I need permission, validation and happiness from my partner? What is the price of finding love?

Often relationships are fuelled by ideas of perfection, monogamy, kindred spirits and even magic. Drawing direct links to Dan Daw and Daniel Monks’ experience of finding love as two gay men with a disability, certain questions for Sarah-Vyne as the director arise. What happens when it’s no longer about what is right or what is wrong? What happens when monogamy becomes an act of co-dependency and perfection reveals its imperfections?

Creative Team

Director  Sarah-Vyne Vassallo
Performer + Collaborator  Dan Daw
Performer + Collaborator Daniel Monks
Sound Designer  Ekrem Mülayim
Set Consultant  Stephen Metcalf

Bowerbirds stage one development was funded by Arts NSW, the Australia Council for the Arts and Accessible Arts.

Image credits: ‘Bowerbirds’ studio sharing, photos by Hayley Rose Photography.