• Karen-Veldhuizen-standing-in-grey-dress-holding-the-head-of-another-performed-in-her-elbow-in-Brunswick-Town-Hall.-photo-by-Alta-Trueman
  • Karen-in-Catalyst-sharing-leaning-against-a-wall-holding-a-performers-legs-as-they-perform-a-shoulder-stand-Chris-sitting-under-her.-black-white
  • Close-up-portrait-of-Karen-Smiling-short-hair-wearing-glasses-and-a-checkered-shirt.-Black-white
  • Karen-in-Catalyst-sharing-seated-on-floor-holding-onto-a-stick-held-on-either-end-by-a-performer.-Audience-lights-in-the-background.-Black-white
  • Karen-Veldhuizen-at-Brunswick-Town-Hall-balancing-on-one-leg-with-white-frilly-shirt-arms-outstreched-one-to-the-ceiling-one-to-the-wall.-photo-by-Paul-Dunn
  • Karen-in-rehearsal-for-Catalyst-sharing.-Bending-over-balancing-on-one-leg-one-crutch-other-crutch-stretched-out-to-the-side


Karen is an emerging performance artist with a disability. Since losing a leg to cancer at 17 she has continued to search for ways to express herself through her body. Brief dalliances with other forms of movement led her to dance and physical performance where she has found her truest expression.

Since 2012 she has been part an ensemble member at Weave Movement Theatre, an inclusive performance company based in Melbourne, under the artistic direction of Janice Florence.  Weave has provided opportunities to work creatively with artists such as Born In A Taxi and Kat Worth, culminating in the performance of ‘Flock’, in the Melbourne Fringe Festival 2013. Karen has participated in training workshops with Olivia Millard, Michelle Heaven, Michelle Ryan, Yumi Umiumare and Caroline Bowditch, she performed at Melbourne’s White Night Festival, 2014 and in Kat Worth’s film project ‘Will You Go Around With Me?’ 2015.

Karen attended the National Dance Forum in Melbourne, March 2015.  Her presence at the forum was a personal watershed moment, as she reclaimed her dancer identity amidst the dance community, and her written response to this was published on the Ausdance website.

Karen was successful in attaining a position in the Catalyst Dance residency, a development program for emerging artists 2015-2016 (Accessible Arts NSW).

She is passionate about developing her own movement vocabulary and using her unique physicality to express life, story and hope.

Karen undertook a secondment with Murmuration in 2016.

Image credits: Images 1, 3, 5  ‘As of Now’ by Kay Armstrong at Catalyst Dance sharing, Photo Gisella Vollmer, 2. Photo by Paul Dunn, 4. Photo by Alta Trueman, 6. Catalyst Dance, Photo Gisella Vollmer.