• Hugh filming in a tent face left with camera in both hands (colour)
  • Hugh in the back ground filimg a person in the forground at a watering hole with mountains in the background full of trees (colour)

Film Maker

Hugh Clark learnt his craft on the job, producing two 14 episode community TV series. This opportunity meant Hugh got to learn all aspects of filmmaking, a strength that now sees him working across many different roles including producing, interviewing, directing, camera-work, scripting and editing. In 2016 Hugh’s short film Angie was a finalist in Tropfest. This year a short film he shot and edited by Johanna Garvin made it to Screenability in the Sydney Film Festival. Hugh has a regular suite of clients across arts and education and loves nothing more than to dive heart and soul into a project, to collaborate, create and discover something wonderful and unique along the way.

Image credit: Courtesy of artist.