• Hazuki-sitting-on-the-floor-pen-and-notebook-in-hand-looking-thoughtful-as-she-listens-to-someone-out-of-shot-speaking.-Black-white
  • Hazuki Kojima in performance. Standing on a yellow platform, surrounded by a group of performers in a variety of costumes.
  • Hazuki Kojima, black background, lit from one side. In a deep lunge, 1 arm stretched out to the side, eyes focused on the ground.
  • Close up of Hazuki Kojima’s face in performance. 2 other performers out of focus in the background. Face looks as though she’s mid sentence.
  • Hazuki Kojima in performance. Entire body arched backwards, weight resting on head and feet. Angular pattern projected on to floor.
  • Hazuki Kojima in the studio. Lying on the floor, looks as if she is midway through rolling over. Another dancer crouching in the background.
  • Hazuki Kojima in performance. 4 performers sitting, 1 standing, along a blue wall with a large black grid pattern. Dim lighting.

Assistant Choreographer

Hazuki was born in Tokyo in 1988. She started ballet at Shigyo Ballet School, then from the age of eleven she studied at The Arts Educational School, Tring Park. She furthered her training and graduated from English National Ballet School in 2007. During her studies she performed in Swan Lake with English National Ballet in Concert for Diana at Wembley Stadium. Later she was selected in Dance Apprentice Network aCross Europe II (D.A.N.C.E.), a two-year apprenticeship program directed by William Forsythe, Frédéric Flamand, Angelin Preljocaj and Wayne McGregor. The program was based in France and Germany and during the period she worked closely with all four choreographers and danced a number of their works, such as Hypothetical Stream II by Forsythe and Equivalence installation with Forsythe Company. Hazuki joined Skånes Dansteater in Autumn 2009 and has collaborated with amongst others Björn Säfsten, Ben Wright, Jo Stømgren, Christopher Arouni, Hofesh Schechter and Örjan Andersson.

Hazuki is the Assistant Choreographer for ‘On One Condition’, a collaboration between Dan Daw Creative Projects and Murmuration.


Image credits: Courtesy of artist, 2, Photo by Malin Arnesson, 3. Photo by Johanne Fick, 4 & 5. Photo by Graham Adey, 6. Photo By Mats Bäcker, 7. The Flock, photo by Hayley Rose Photography.