Teaching Artists

De Quincey Co is one of Australia’s most innovative and inspiring dance performance companies  creating work at the intersection of dance, visual arts, theatre, music and performance. Led by Artistic Director Tess de Quincey, the company creates works of shifting scales for specific spaces – from a black box studio to a desert riverbed.

De Quincey Co builds on several decades of work by de Quincey in Europe, Japan, India and Australia. The company’s practice is based in BodyWeather, a contemporary dance training founded in Japan which melds Asian and Western practices and philosophy. BodyWeather articulates the climates of our bodies and our minds – proposing a ‘weather of being’ to negotiate change and to explore our world.

Created through a rich collaborative process of interdisciplinary and often cross-cultural exchange, ideas are researched and developed by De Quincey Co’s ensemble of dancers and a creative team that includes architects, philosophers, scientists, filmmakers, writers and visual artists.

The company’s developmental program and auspicing agency The Weather Exchange presents the works of independent artists based in BodyWeather and related disciplines.

Murmuration is excited to be working with a number of artists from De Quincey Co, including Artistic Director, Tess de Quincey and company artists Victoria Hunt and Kirsten Packham.

This collaboration between De Quincey Co and Murmuration has been made possible by the support of the City of Sydney.

De Quincey Co artists will be a guest teaching artists in Series 2 of our 2016 Murmur Workshops. To find out more details about the workshops and when De Quincey Co will be leading, please click this link.

Read more about De Quincey Co and the individual artists by clicking on this link.


Image Credit: Nerve 9, Tess de Quincey, Photo by Russell Emerson.

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