• Dean-Walsh-wearing-a-white-singlet-lit-with-red-lights-looking-up-arms-bent-out-to-the-sides
  • Dean Walsh in performance. Face covered with a form fitting blue fabric, wearing a white hooded jumper. His shadow cast on the background.
  • Dean Walsh in performance with another performer. Both dressed in blue, black stage, balloon & pile of foil in the background.
  • Dean Walsh facilitating a workshop with people of varying abilities. Participants sitting in a circle, observing Dean closely.
  • Close up of Dean Walsh, dressed in beanie and scarf, not looking at the camera, smiling.
  • Dean Walsh scuba diving. Close up of his face in the scuba mask, hand making the OK symbol.

Teaching Artist

Dean works with the murmur staff as an arts advisor, outside eye and teaching artist. He supports the development of frameworks for the company’s reflection and feedback from its artists, participants and audience members.

Dean is an award-winning Australian dance practitioner – choreographer, director, facilitator, collaborator and dancer. In the last 5 years he has steered his choreographic and teaching practice towards embracing research into the intersection between arts (dance) and science (marine biology, physics and ecology). He has worked with many of Australia’s leading companies including Australian Dance Theatre, Opera Australia, One Extra Co, the oPera Project, Sidetrack Theatre, Sydney Dance Company and Sydney Theatre Company (with London’s Frantic Assembly). He has worked with international companies including DV8 Physical Theatre in London and Paul Selwyn Norton’s no apology co in Amsterdam and has choreographed and performed in more than thirty of his own works, many touring nationally and internationally. He was awarded the Robert Helpmann Scholarship in 2002 and the coveted two-year Australia Council Dance Fellowship 2012-2014.

Dean will be a guest teaching artist in Series 2 of our 2016 Murmur Workshops. To find out more details about the workshops and when Dean will be leading, please click this link.

Images courtesy of the artist.