• Christopher Bunton participating in a workshop. Connecting hands with Melinda Tyquin. Other participants in the background.
  • Christopher Bunton in performance. Bright red background. Hands pressed up against another performers hands, head over her shoulder.
  • A group of workshop participants standing in a row on green grass, alongside a river. 1 participant dancing in the foreground.
  • Christopher Bunton in a workshop, engaged in partnering movement with another male participant.
  • Christopher Bunton on the top of a building in Sydney, doing a star jump. Sydney Opera House & the Harbour Bridge can be seen in the distance.
  • Christopher Bunton in performance, standing in a line with 3 other male performers. All have arms crossed, looking straight ahead.

Emerging Artist

Christopher’s interest in the performing arts began with NIDA Drama Classes, which he attended from (2004-2011). He broadened his experience of theatre through the Beyond the Square – Ruckus Ensemble under the direction of Alison Richardson (2011-present), performing in two productions at Riverside Theatres. He was first exposed to dance through Accessible Arts Catalyst Dance Masterclass Series (2012-2013), where he performed in works by Sue Healy, Kiruna Stamell, Helen Clark Lapin, Phillip Channells and Dean Walsh.

Christopher participated in The Right Foot Project with DirtyFeet and Sarah-Vyne Vassallo, and has continued to be engaged by DirtyFeet as a dancer and assistant teacher. He was invited to participate and perform in specialist projects such as the Beyond Technique residency at Bundanon and Teaching Creative Arts in the Special Needs Classroom, both under direction of Phillip Channells. Most recently Chris has undertaken secondments with Legs on The Wall and Restless Dance Theatre, and performed with Murmuration at the featured event for the Don’t Dis my Ability campaign’s, comedy show, ‘No, Offence But’.

Christopher is a Special Olympics Gymnast and an accredited gymnastics coach working at a local gymnastics club.

Christopher is an emerging artist with Murmuration and takes part in the Murmur Workshops and Events 2015/2016.

Image credits: 1. Christopher Bunton secondment with Restless Dance Theatre, 2. ‘In transit’ by Sarah-Vyne Vassallo. Presented by DirtyFeet. Hayley Rose Photography, 3-4. Dance Integrated Australia, Bundanon, 5. Christopher Bunton’s secondment with Legs on the wall. 6. Ruckus Ensemble, Beyond the Square.