• Chris-Dyke-at-the-As-of-Now-Catalyst-sharing.-In-a-lunge-arms-streched-forward-intertwined-with-a-female-performer-opposite-him.-Black-and-white.jpg
  • Chris-dyke-in-rehearsal-for-Catalyst-sharing-sense-of-motion-standing-in-a-line-of-other-artists-leaning-backwards-arms-in-front
  • Chris-standing-side-on-leaning-sideways-looking-at-camera-hair-dangling-towards-the-ground.-Shot-from-24-Frames-Per-Second.
  • Chris-Dyke-in-Catalyst-rehearsal-laying-on-floor-hands-gripping-feet-knees-pointing-to-ceiling-hips-off-the-floor
  • Close-up-portrait-of-Chris-Dyke-smiling-wearing-a-black-shirt-with-Catalyst-logo-on-it
  • Chris-Dyke-with-mentor-Kyle-page-at-Dance-North.-Both-balancing-on-one-arm-legs-in-the-air-horizontal-to-the-ground-other-arm-stretched-out-to-the-side.


Chris is an Adelaide based artist and has been dancing since birth. He is passionate about and dedicated to his creative practice, with a particularly focus on dance, film and art. In 2013 Chris moved from Point Piper NSW to Sellicks Beach South Australia to join Restless Dance Theatre, to pursue his dream of becoming a professional dancer.

Michelle Ryan the Artistic Director of Restless Dance Theatre, is Chris’ mentor for the Catalyst Dance Residency program 2015-2016. A highlight of Chris’ professional development is his ongoing mentorship with Kyle Page, Artistic Director at DanceNorth, Townsville QLD since 2014.

His performances credits include: Australia Council For the Arts, International Day for People with Disability celebration curated by Liz Martin; ‘naturally’ a double bill: in Touched, directed by Michelle Ryan; ‘Untitled’, a studio showing his solo dance work in developemnt with Kyle Page, at Dancenorth; ‘as of now’ the Catalyst dance residency showing, choreographed by Kay Armstrong at Carriageworks; excerpts from Touched by Restless Dance Theatre Youth Ensemble at the ’ Australian Dance Awards’, Her Majesty’s Theatre; ‘To Look Away’ a moving portrait commission by filmmaker Sophie Hyde, premiered in 24 Frames Per Second, at Carriageworks; Happy Street Dance Party solo dance work in public art ArmatureLIVE in collaboration with Alison Currie and Josephine Were; ‘In the Balance’ by Restless Dance Theatre Youth Ensemble, Director Michelle Ryan; The Audreys music video ‘Baby Are You There?’. 

Chris is undertook a secondment with Murmuration 2016.

Image credits: 1. At Dancenorth with mentor, Kyle Page, Photo by Amber Haines, 2 & 3. Catalyst Dance Accessible Arts, Photo Gisella Vollmer, 4. Sophie Hyde with Restless Dance Theatre, To Look Away, five-channel video installation, 2015. Commissioned by Carriageworks for 24 Frames Per Second. Image: Ben Searcy. Courtesy the artist, 5 & 6. As of Now, by Kay Armstrong Accessible Arts, Photo Gisella Vollmer.