• Workshop-participants-gathered-in-the-hall-two-people-arm-in-arm.-Photo-taken-from-behind-the-group # its possible
  • Large-group-of-students-sitting-on-the-floor-watching-Days-Like-These-sharing-Mel-doing-a-head-stand-on-Matts-wheelchair-while-he-sits-in-front.-Black and white # its possible
  • Days-Like-These-performers-all-lined-up,-dressed-in-black,-each-of-them-with-hands-out-infront,-trying-to-explain-something,-appearing-to-be-frustrated # its possible
  • A-cluster-of-5-Murmuration-artists,-all-reaching-different-directions-and-connected-in-different-ways.-One-reaching-with-her-crutch,-another-sitting-in-his-wheelchair.-Black-and-white # its possible


We need your help to make inclusion the new “normal”, because we know that it’s possible.

To find out about other ways you can contribute to Murmuration, please read below.

For more information please contact our company manager Jordan Vassallo on jordan@murmuration.com.au


Many of our community participants are from marginalised and disadvantaged communities.

Sponsoring a Murmur Member enables a community participant to attend all our activities and events for 12-months, that could other wise not afford it. A Murmur Membership is $250.00

Any contribution small are in full towards a membership is welcome.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


Murmuration is challenging perceptions and creating possibilities for people with and without disability to work together to create and engage in quality performing arts activities.

There is significant research highlighting that people with a disability or people from diverse communities often don’t have access to the arts. It is an integral part of our mandate to bridge this gap, but we can’t do it alone.

Individual donations, whether small or large, are vital to our ongoing development and programming. Email us to find out more about how you can support Murmuration and become a Murmur Flyer.

All donations over $2 are tax deductible.


We are seeking volunteers to support our workshops and events. The role would suit professionals, students, retirees and the general public that have some knowledge of the arts or events sector.

We look for passionate, skilled and committed people and match them to specific volunteering opportunities.

If you are interested in volunteering, email us with a CV and your expression of interest.


There are currently no position's open at Murmuration. However we are always keen to meet new folk.

Throughout our annual program casual teaching artists are needed and we welcome Internships and Secondments from emerging artists, managers and practitioners. Please feel free to email us your CV and an expression of interest.


Drains by John Vassallo
Linda Badger
Emma Buxton
Josie Cavallaro
The Cordiners
Sarah Eastburn
Alan Ellis

Jenny Edwards
Phil Filo
Elise + Eric Girardin
Jacqueline Hunt
Cynthia Jackson
Manoli + Louise Lathourakis
Jennifer Noble
Kirsten Packham

David + Wendy Porter
Joy Quin
The Scotts
Anne Vassallo
Lauren Vassallo

John + Rhondda Vassallo
Jordan Vassallo
Peggy Wallach
Jayne Welsh
Jessica Wood