• Stephen-Metcalf-set-design-seen-in-performance.-Stately-home-in-the-background-deep-blue-cloudy-sky-tall-green-trees-all-performers-in-white
  • White-hand-made-set-piece-against-a-blue-backdrop-intricate-carved-swirling-design
  • Stephen-Metcalf-set-design-seen-in-performance-of-The-Sound-of-Music-inside-a-house-children-lined-up-infront-of-staircase
  • Stephen-Metcalf-set-design-a-fasion-run-way-white-stage-all-twisted-up-into-a-large-yellow-billowing-mass-lit-from-inside
  • Stephen-stanging-next-to-Sarah-Vyne-holding-his-model-desing-of-the-bowerbirds-nest
  • Close-up-of-Stephen-Metcalfs-face-smiling


Stephen Metcalf is a scenic artist, specializing in sculpture. Through a career spanning 35 years, Stephen has worked in London, New York, Los Angeles and Bangkok across the fashion, theatre, television and film industries in various roles.

Highly sought after by designers, Stephen has worked with Alexander McQueen, Stella McCartney, Madonna, Disney, the Royal National Theatre, Royal Opera House and at various theatres on and off London’s West End.

Stephen is a 2015/2016 company member with Murmuration, fulfilling roles of Artist/Collaborator and Personal Assistant.


Image credit: 1. Set Construction, Stephen Metcalf, Matthew Bourne, Sleeping Beauty 2012. 2, 3, 4 & 6 Courtesy of the artist, 5. ‘Bowerbirds’ sharing, photo by Hayley Rose Photography.