• A-shot-of-Rebecca-standing-next-to-a-wall-facing-the-camera-smiling.-Green-bushes-in-the-background-
  • A-promotional-shot-for-the-TV-show-The-Roast-5-guys-a-woman-standing-side-by-side-with-theatrical-expressions-the-roast-logo-on-top-of-them
  • A-shot-of-about-a-dozen-people-sitting-around-a-table-with-computers-and-books-a-blackboard-in-the-background-says-Roast-Rules-with-a-list-of-rules-under-it
  • Rebecca-on-stage-at-a-Pin-Up-Parlour-event-arms-in-the-air-and-mouth-open-as-if-shes-cheering


Over the past twelve years Rebecca has worked extensively in the film and television industry as a full time television producer, series producer, supervising, location, and segment producer.

Rebecca has coordinated, managed and facilitated all aspects of production, from conception through to delivery, overseeing the editorial of daily broadcasts and breaking news stories and researching, writing and producing segments and stories for a variety of creative arts projects.

Her passion for the arts and diverse experience in the industry has extended from series producer on a satirical news show for the ABC, to music film clips, dance, theatre and documentary making. Rebecca has produced and managed extensive hours of television whilst her theatre background has also kept her connected to the performing arts sector. Her production credits include, Foxtel, Sky News, The Weather Channel, ABC, TVSN, PXsquared, RedKite Chilrden’s Charities, Family and Community Services (FACS).

Rebecca is working as a Producer with Murmuration 2016.


Images courtesy of Artist.