• Coloured image of woman wearing grey-bluedress and scarf running on a left vertical lean chasing rolling gaff tape on the ground.
  • Colour image of three female performers wearing black and white cultural masks in a diagonal line spanning image frame against a dark background.
  • Melinda Tyquin in performance. Arms stretched opposing directions, torso twisted & leaning back. Audience members in the foreground.
  • Close-up-portrait-of-Melinda-Smiling-hair-out-wearing-a-large-white-scarf.-Black-and-white
  • Melinda Tyquin in performance. Appears to be jumping, and dressed in an elaborate Aboriginal/Islander style headdress & costume.
  • Close up of Melinda Tyquin looking up. Hair messy, appears to be in motion.
  • Melinda Tyquin in performance. Standing, leaning to 1 side, holding a string attached to a balloon. Other performers seated around her.
  • Melinda-in-the-excerpt-of-The-Likes-of-Me-at-Catalyst.-Dressed-in-full-black-body-suit-mask-holding-a-large-stick.-Black-white


Melinda graduated from UNSW (2006) with a Bachelor of Arts (Dance/English)/Bachelor of Education. She is currently a CAPTIVATE Dance Program Facilitator for the Parramatta Catholic Education Office and DirtyFeet Board Member (2014-2017).

Her credits include: ‘Briwyant’ (Van Hout 2011/12), ‘Game of Seven’ (Chester and Champion 2013/14), ‘Cultivate/Culminate’ (Force Majeure 2013/14), ‘In Transit’ (Vassallo 2014), ‘Winds of Woerr’ (Gela 2014-16), ‘The Likes of Me (Shilcock/Walsh 2015), ‘Catalyst’ (Accessible Arts 2015/16), ‘Tangi Wai’ (Hunt 2015-2017), ‘Mura Buai’ (Gela and Micich 2015), ‘Fragments of Malungoka’ (Gela 2016), ‘Days Like These’ (Vassallo 2017), ‘Silent Trio Beats’ (Handa 2017-2018).

She is actively engaged with Sydney based collective DirtyFeet taking on the roles of Program Manager and Artist Facilitator for The Right Foot, and administrative support for Out of the Studio.

Melinda is a company member with Murmuration, fulfilling roles of Artist/Collaborator, Teaching Artist and Rehearsal Assistant.
Image credit: Fragments of Malungoka – Women of the Sea by Ghenoa Gela. Photo by Gregory Lorenzutti.

Image credits: 1. ‘Days Like These’ performance at TACC 2017. Photo by Gisella Vollmer. 2. ‘Fragments of Malungoka – Women of the Sea’ by Ghenoa Gela. Photo by Gregory Lorenzutti.   3.’In transit’ by Sarah-Vyne Vassallo. Presented by DirtyFeet. Photo by Hayley Rose, 4.’Far-Off’ Choreographer Melinda Tyquin, Photo by Sasha Cohen, 5. Catalyst Dance. Photo by Gisella Vollmer, 6. ‘Winds of Woerr’ choreographed by Ghenoa Gela. Photo by Gregory Lorenzutti, 7. Murmuration shoot. Photo by Gisella Vollmer, 8.’Game of Seven’, Choreographer Kate Champion and Sam Chester. Photo by Ghenoa Gela, 9. ‘The Likes of Me’ by Matt Shilcock at Catalyst Dance sharing. Photo by Gisella Vollmer.