• Matt-standing-facing-the-camera-in-a-dark-shadowy-space.-Wearing-a-bird-like-mask-with-a-long-beak-no-shirt-and-black-pants.
  • Close up of Matthew Shilcock in performance. Face expressionless, bare chested. Background textured white, grey & green.
  • Matthew Shilcock lying in a narrow horizontal space, between two walls, large bright circular light providing the only light. Large shadows.
  • Matt wearing a blue shirt with left arm in the air looking off camera to the right ( colour Photo)
  • Matt with no shirt on and right elbow in the air on the diagonal to the right looking at the camera ( colour photo)
  • Matt-standing-facing-the-camera-wearing-a-grey-dressing-gown-smiling-subtly-hands-in-pockets.



Matt Shilcock is a South Australian based dance artist and 2nd Kyu in Budo Taijutsu and specialised weaponry, with a strength in adapting mobility aids to choreographic and weaponised use. His passion for movement extends from his own accomplishments in transitioning from a full-time wheelchair user to his current practices in dance, fitness training and martial arts.

Matt began performing professionally in 2009 and has since engaged with companies across Australia including Murmuration, No Strings Attached Theatre for Disability, Restless Dance Theatre, Kaldor Public Arts, and internationally with Mass Box (China), Touch Compass (NZ), Full Radius (USA), Candoco (UK), Independence (UK), FreeWill Theatre (HK) and the Van L Dance Company (UK).

Matt is a current ensemble member with Murmuration and continues to develop his independent practice Osteogenuine, studying the anatomy, physics of dance and cross applying it to his practices in holistic remedies and alchemy.

Matt is a company member with Murmuration fulfilling roles of Artist/Collaborator, Teaching Artist and Performing Artist.

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Image credits: Images 1 – 4 Courtesy of the artist, 5 & 6. ‘The Likes of Me’, Photos by Gabriel Clarke, 7. Photo by Sam Oster, 8. ‘Days Like These’ sharing, photo Gisella Vollmer.