Lauren is a multidisciplinary designer based in Sydney with work that spans mediums including illustration & painting, graphic design, textile design and fashion. With training from some of Australia’s premiere art and design schools, including Fashion Design Studio, Advanced Diploma and College of Fine Arts (UNSW Art & Design) Bachelor of Design Honours (Class 1). Most recently completing a Master of Design (Honours)(Research) culminating in a thesis and project titled ‘Burlesque: Redefining the Representation of Women.’

Lauren has had the opportunity to work across many disciplines including film, print design and typography design; as well as millinery, textile yardage designs and fashion embellishments such as beading and embroidery.

Lauren’s work has been exhibited at Sideways Global Gallery, Paste Modernism on Cockatoo Island and Palmer Projects Gallery. Lauren is an award winning artist receiving accolades from: UNSW Art & Design’s Australian Post Graduate Award, Fashion Studio Design’s Dylon Dye Scholarship, Cutting in Youth Fashion Awards (1st place), Flair Fashion Awardee and an Evening Wear Awards for Corrine Jewellers. Her most recent achievement is the prestigious Research Excellence Scholarship at the University Technology Sydney.

Her Art Department film production credits include; Deadhouse Films, ‘Airlock’ Web Series, recently awarded Best Production Design at the Rome Web Awards, Reece Mastin’s Music Video ‘Rebel and the Reason’ and The Griswolds music video ‘Beware of the Dog’ which was nominated for music video of the year in the Rolling Stone Awards 2015. Burn to Shine Films, ‘Sammy’ and Luke Mckay Film ‘Cult 13’

Lauren is the Creative Director of The Pin Up Parlor, combining several of her disciplines in the curation of art exhibitions, event styling, creative production and stage management.

Lauren works in collaboration with her siblings Jonathan and Sarah-Vyne on an on-going basis and is a freelance artist with Murmuration.

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Images included are original designs by the artist.