• Imogen Cranna in performance, wearing a white dress, a large textured projection covers her and the whole stage, like the ocean.
  • Imogen Cranna in performance. Sitting on stage, warm lighting and projected patterns on wall behind her. Arm angled, framing face.
  • Imogen Cranna in performance. Various blue projections of her covering her and the background. A candle in one hand.
  • A wooden park bench looking out onto the ocean. A forearm & hand poking through a hole in the back. 2 people sitting on the ground.
  • Imogen Cranna in performance. Wearing a white dress, a large projection of a forest covers her and the stage.
  • Imogen Cranna in performance. Long hair and arms a blur with motion. Multiple photos also floating through the air. Black & white.
  • Imogen Cranna in a white room, a blur of multiple images of her in different positions. Black and white.
  • Imogen Cranna in performance, lying down, mouth open and head propped up on the sole of another performers foot.


Imogen is a cross disciplinary artist. In 2009, she joined Kay Armstrong’s youMove Company, working with Australian choreographers such as Tony Osborne and Vicki Van Hout. Imogen’s artistic practice incorporates movement, media and music and her work has featured in the Sydney Fringe Festival (2010), Manly Art Gallery (2011), AIOP/Australia (2013), Eramboo Artist Environment (2009 – 2016) and the Joan Sutherland Performing Arts Centre (2016).

From 2014 – 15, Imogen collaborated as the composer and media artist for Cloé Fournier’s full length work, Dining [Uns]-Table. Also in 2015, Imogen performed in Victoria Hunt’s work, Tangi Wai…the cry of water, as part of LIVEWORKS and continued to work with Victoria during PLATFORM 2016 (De Quincy Co) and Wallflowers, (107 Projects).

In 2016, she curated and collaborated on Syzygy, an event that included performance and an interactive installation that Imogen first presented as the inaugural recipient of the Enliven Pittwater Artist Residency (2014). Most recently, she performed in Tangi Wai…the cry of water during Dance Massive 2017 and collaborated as the digital media artist for the premiere of Sarah-Vyne Vassallo’s work, Days Like These.

Currently, Imogen is a company member with Murmuration, fulfilling roles of Artist/Collaborator and Teaching Artist.

 To learn more about Imogen’s work, please visit her website by clicking this link.

Image credits: Courtesy of the artist.