• Ekrem Mulayim playing an acoustic guitar in a lighthouse. Coastline and ocean off in the background. Photo taken from outside, looking in.
  • Ekrem-sitting-at-a-desk-with-a-laptop-on-it-looking-intently-at-the-laptop-dressed-in-beige-pants-and-a-checkered-shirt
  • Ekrem Mulayim at a keyboard, sheets of music front of him. Looking out the windows of a lighthouse at the horizon, sun setting on the ocean.
  • Close up of Ekrem Mulayim's face. Looking directly at the camera. Facial expression is thoughtful. Black and white.


The music of Sydney-based composer Ekrem Eli Phoenix has been described bythe press as “risk-taking and other worldly, bordering on performance art.”Much of his work is concept-driven and explores voice, language and contemporary performance practice. He completed his PhD degree in composition at Sydney Conservatorium of Music in 2016 and his career features collaborations with The Song Company, Ensemble Offspring, Force Majeure, Belvoir Street Theatre, Bell Shakespeare,Opera Australia, and Centre of Creative Research into Sound Arts Practice atUniversity of the Arts, London.

With works performed in venues like Sydney Opera House, Melbourne Recital Centre and St Mary’s Cathedral, in 2013, Ekrem composed and performed and endurance piece of 172 hours titled ‘Hermitage’. While isolated inside Currie Harbour Lighthouse on King Island, he performed continuously from sunrise till sunset for 15 consecutive days blurring the lines between performance and living. Hermitage was filmed and audio recorded in its entirety and the resulting 14-hour documentary can now be viewed online.

A MODART Young Composers’ Program participant and acclaimed for his experimental works, Ekrem is also an award winning composer for film, theatre and dance. His credits include Food, The Astronaut, Yellow Moon, The Kiss, Cut and Russell Crowe’s The Water Diviner.

Ekrem is a 2015/2016 company member with Murmuration, fulfilling roles of Artist/Collaborator, Vocalist and Teaching Artist.


Image credits: 1, 3 & 4. Courtesy of the artist, 2. ‘Bowerbirds’ sharing in the Bella room at Museum of Contemporary Art, photo by Ana Welsh.