• Brianna Kell in performance. Hood like head dress covering hair and neck, arm above head, sand streaming out of her closed fist towards the floor.
  • Brianna Kell in performance. Dark background, lying down, her body lit by a dark orange light, casting a shadow across the stage.
  • Brianna Kell in performance. Standing opposite another performer, heads and faces covered by large hoods. Black and white.
  • Brianna Kell in performance, wearing a bright orange shirt & white socks. Lunging forward, arms out to the sides, elbows bent, head tilted back.
  • Brianna Kell. Standing, arms by sides, looking down. Head covered by a large hood, casting shadow on her face. Black and white.
  • Brianna Kell in performance. Standing on a dark stage in a circle of light. Leopard print dress & black high heels. Stage scattered with bundles of cords.
  • Top-half-of-Brianna-mid-motion-arm-stretch-out-to-the-side-long-hair-flying-sideways-with-the-motion.-Other-arm-bent-hand-on-stomach.-Black-and-white


In 2010, Brianna graduated from the Victorian College of Arts, in Melbourne. In her graduating year, she was awarded the ‘Orloff Family Trust Award’ for ‘Most Outstanding Talent’. In 2011 Brianna began working professionally with Tasdance touring nationally until present. Whilst working with Tasdance, Brianna has performed in works by Anton, Francis rings, Larissa McGowan, Anna Smith, Marnie Palomares, Byron Perry, Tanja Liedtke, Raewyn Hill, Gavin Webber and Huang yi. In 2013 Brianna performed in the Sydney premier of Morphic by Sarah-Vyne Vassallo. She has also worked with Sarah-Vyne Vassallo as a facilitator at the RightFoot workshops, and was part of the integrated dance residency Melting Pot at Bankstown Arts Centre. In collaboration with Alexandra Andrews, Brianna won ‘Most Outstanding Choreography’ for their work in development Salt at the Sydney Short+Sweet Dance Festival.  Recently, Brianna also won ‘Genre Excellence’ for her solo choreographic debut Heaven Metal at the Sydney Fringe Festival 2014.

Brianna is a 2015/2016 company member with Murmuration, fulfilling the role of Artist/Collaborator and Teaching Artist.


Image credits:1 & 3 ‘Salt’ by Brianna Kell and Alexandra Andrews, photos by Pia Moore. 2 & 6.’Morphic’ by Sarah-Vyne Vassallo, presented by DirtyFeet, photo by Hayley Rose Photography, 7. Murmuration shoot, photo by Gisella Vollmer.