• Chris-Bunton-bare-chested-one-arm-curved-above-his-head-the-other-curved-just-below-eyes-looking-down-towards-the-ground.-Black-and-white
  • Brianna-Kell-wearing-a-black-crop-top-a-sense-of-motion-seen-as-her-hair-flies-around-her-head-arms-twisted-to-the-side.-Black-and-white
  • Silhouette-of-Daniel-Monks-torso-and-head-head-back-one-arm-reaching-to-the-ceiling-the-other-to-the-floor.-Black-and-white-
  • Matt-Shilcock-barechested-arms-bent-fingers-twisted-his-head-looking-down-to-the-left.-Black-white
  • Close-up-shot-of-Melinda-Tyquins-face-looking-up-towards-the-ceiling-hair-out-and-slightly-dishevelled.-Black-and-white
  • Bare-back-of-a-male-dancer-on-his-hands-and-knees-shouldblades-sticking-up-like-wings.-Black-and-white
  • Brianna-and-Chris-mid-motion-connected-by-hteir-arms-facing-each-other-bright-white-light-and-smoke-behind-them.-Black-white
  • Barechested-male-lying-face-up-dark-dim-light-coming-from-the-background-cant-see-his-face-or-legs.-Black-white

Make inclusion the new norm. It’s possible.

Help us provide quality, inclusive learning experiences in the performing arts for everyone.

Our creative learning stream aims to give everyone, from babies to seniors, no matter what their ability, background or perspectives, access to quality experiences in the performing arts.

We are currently seeking donations through our crowdfunding campaign, ‘Its possible’ with the aim to raise $30,000 to continue to run our Learning program and we need your help to do this.

By contributing to this campaign and helping us spread awareness about the important message of inclusion, you will not only have positively impacted the lives of our participants, but you will also be helping to pave the way for a more inclusive society.

Click this link to watch our campaign video and to read more about our mission.


Murmur Workshops are off and running!

16 dance and theatre workshops over 2 series from May through to September, plus an end of year sharing to show off to all your friends and family what new creative experiences you have achieved.

Whether you are new to dance and theatre or a professional artist, our weekly workshops are a great way to explore arts practice. Led by industry professionals you will develop skills in devised dance and theatre methods, activate new forms of artistic expression, work in a diverse creative environment and have a whole lot of fun doing so. You are welcome to come as a casual or for a discount purchase a workshop pass.

Register today!

To find out more, head on over to our Learning page by clicking here.