• Black and white barechested male in torso shot lying face with arm raised in the air up dark dim light coming from the background.
  • Black and white image of two legs from the knee down stamping up and down in white powder. The powder is floating in the air and around the legs.
  • Black and white image of silhouetted mans top half body against strong white light in background.
  • Blurred black and white image of three performers moving around against a black curtain.
  • Black and white image of male and female silhouetted dancers holding each other in a full body standing hug.
  • Black and white image of a male torso lying on the ground sideways horizontally extending his arm out over his head.
  • Black and white image of two dancers rolling on floor together in front of a camera crew in the foreground.
  • Black and white image of woman turning on her knees with arms outstretched in a cloud of smoke haze.
  • Black and white image of silhouetted full body male and female dancers holding each others hand in full extension against white light.
A women is on a dirt road wearing a metallic blue dress, she is leaning forward in motion, we see her bare feet and legs in the dirt as she is pulling up her dress above her knees.-27WEB.jpg

Return to the River – SAVE THE DATE

‘Return to The River’ is a new performance work by Angela French that explores the effects artificial environments have on our human psyche. Spanning the globe, from Dubai to the Murrumbidgee river in NSW, this work navigates contrasting environments, scale, space, and ultimately . . . a longing for home.

Friday 15 March  | 7:00pm
Saturday 16 March | 3:00pm
Saturday 16 March | 7:00pm

To book tickets and for more information click here.

Female performer pouring water from silver bucket into larger bucket on the ground against a white transparent background.

‘DAYS LIKE THESE’ is Tour Ready

“It was like watching art in motion.”

Days Like These explores the varied ways we as humans express our emotions from one day to the next. Through a series of emotive vignettes, the audience is invited to reflect on and revisit the best and worst days of their lives. Seamlessly weaving together text, projections, sound and movement, Days Like These examines emotional thresholds and attempts to hold a mirror up for all to ask . . . what kind of day is today?

Check out our trailer and click here for more information.