• Chris-Bunton-bare-chested-one-arm-curved-above-his-head-the-other-curved-just-below-eyes-looking-down-towards-the-ground.-Black-and-white
  • Brianna-Kell-wearing-a-black-crop-top-a-sense-of-motion-seen-as-her-hair-flies-around-her-head-arms-twisted-to-the-side.-Black-and-white
  • Silhouette-of-Daniel-Monks-torso-and-head-head-back-one-arm-reaching-to-the-ceiling-the-other-to-the-floor.-Black-and-white-
  • Matt-Shilcock-barechested-arms-bent-fingers-twisted-his-head-looking-down-to-the-left.-Black-white
  • Close-up-shot-of-Melinda-Tyquins-face-looking-up-towards-the-ceiling-hair-out-and-slightly-dishevelled.-Black-and-white
  • Bare-back-of-a-male-dancer-on-his-hands-and-knees-shouldblades-sticking-up-like-wings.-Black-and-white
  • Brianna-and-Chris-mid-motion-connected-by-hteir-arms-facing-each-other-bright-white-light-and-smoke-behind-them.-Black-white
  • Barechested-male-lying-face-up-dark-dim-light-coming-from-the-background-cant-see-his-face-or-legs.-Black-white
The young americans, turn it up world tour logo, Australia, hosted by Murmuration.


WHEN | 30 January – 3 February 2017

In partnership with Murmuration, The Young Americans will facilitate a week-long Summer School designed for participants with disability.

Get ready to turn it up, this summer with 5-days of training, learning and growing through an international performing arts exchange. Anyone who has always wanted to enjoy the experience of musical performance is welcome to register. Unlike most other music performance workshops, prior training and experience in singing, dancing and acting is not necessary. However those who are performing arts students have an opportunity to be taken to a whole new level of excellence.

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Image credit: The Young Americans, Japan Tour 2016.




Thank you to every single one of you for your support over the past month with our crowdfunding campaign. It was an epic rollercoaster ride, but we have come to the end of it all feeling grateful for the encouragement we received, and positive about what can be achieved with the outcome.

With our #ItsPossible campaign now over, and a total of $8,636 raised towards our Learning stream, with the in-kind contribution of our staff’s time for administration, planning and development, we will still be able to run 24 of our 33 workshops.

Thanks to numerous donations, we have been able to pay it forward and sponsor 2 Murmur Members to attend all of our 2016 program, give 3 participants a Workshop Pass to attend 8 weeks of workshops, and sponsor 10 families to attend our Mini Murmurs 8 week workshop series, all for free. Those might seem like small numbers, but these opportunities will have a big impact on each individual.

We are so happy with the outcomes, but the most important achievement of this campaign is how far we were able to spread the important message of inclusion. Thousands of people watched our campaign video, and they weren’t just from Australia. Our campaign was seen all over the world from Canada, the United Kingdom and the United States of America, to New Zealand and Vietnam.

Click this link to watch our campaign video and to read more about our mission.